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How many people can stay?

There is a king-sized bed for a couple and a sofa can be converted to a double bed for an adult or a child. The base fee is for a single OR a couple sharing the bed.  For each additional person there is a charge of $60.00


Is ARUHE safe for children?

ARUHE is not really suitable for children younger than 8.  The front deck of ARUHE is very high off the ground.   I will, however, consider a request to accommodate children.  The sofa bed can be made into two beds suitable for children but this arrangement is not good for stays longer than one or two nights.  Each child is considered an extra person, charged at $60.00 each.


Do you have facilities for a baby?

Neither a cot nor high chair is available.


Is Aruhe pet friendly?

The short answer is yes. Please let me know which members of your fur family will be accompanying you.  Two dogs is the limit.  I have a small dog of my own and this is her home so please be respectful of that.  The property is not fenced and dogs may be tempted into chasing a possum so please keep them under your control. 

Please ensure your pets are up to date with their vaccinations as I take no responsibility for any disease or illness they may contract whilst at ARUHE.  In NZ the current veterinarian recommendations are for parvovirus, distemper, hepatitis and leptospirosis

If your pets are allowed on the furniture, I have covers to protect the upholstery.  I would normally offer these, and some towels but if I forget, then please do remind me.  There is no charge for towels or covers.


What are the Check In/Out times?

Check in is after 3.00pm and Check Out at 11.00am.  If you would like to check out a bit later then please check with me if guests are expected on the same day.  I am happy to be flexible about departure times wherever possible. 


What happens if I have to cancel/postpone my stay?

If there is availability and we can agree on another date I am happy to swap your dates without any loss.  The new booking will be costed at the original booking price, regardless of the season.


The cancellation policy is as follows:

50% of your payment will be refunded if cancellations are received prior to three weeks of your arrival date.   25% of your payment will be refunded if the booking is cancelled within the three week period prior your confirmed booking. During the Summer season there will be no refund for cancellations received within 10 days of your arrival.  I am not entirely heartless and will consider part refunds in certain circumstances.


How do we find ARUHE?

When you make a booking you will be sent directions.  If you let me know where you are coming from I can tailor the directions accordingly.  Alternatively you can get directions here  www.aruhe.nz/directions


Is there a laundry?

Yes, guests are quite welcome to use my laundry and an iron, if necessary.  I do not have a drier.


What should I bring?

If you are preparing a meal, or several meals, for yourselves you will need to bring all fresh food with you.  How much you bring will depend on how long you are staying.  The garden may have some things you can gather but it will be a bit “hit and miss”.  There are two camp stores (one in Waihau Bay and one at Te Kaha) which are open during the Summer months and carry some very basic items.  Both these stores are about 30 minutes drive away.  ARUHE pantry has some basic kitchen ingredients and if there is something special that you would like, and I have in my own pantry, I am happy to help.

You will not need to bring bath or bed linen as this is supplied.  If you are staying for more that three days you will be given fresh bath linen and for longer stays, fresh bed linen will also be provided.

Please bring your own beach towels.


Are there restaurants or shops nearby?

There is a camp store with limited supplies at Te Kaha which is about 25 minutes drive away.  Takeaways are available here.  There is also a restaurant and bar at Te Kaha.

At Waihau Bay there is also a store, a petrol station (NZ credit card only), a bar and restaurant.  Waihau is a 25 minute drive in the opposite direction (East).


Will my mobile phone work?

No, the phone companies are working on it and you will get phone connectivity at various spots along SH 35 but there is no reception at ARUHE.  If you need to make a call you may use my Landline phone.


Is there a TV or sound system?

There is no TV or radio at ARUHE.  There is Wifi and you can stream both if you have a laptop, a tablet or phone.  There are some board games and if you like jigsaws I have several I can lend you. 


Are there cafes, gyms and other facilities nearby?

In Summer Pacific Macadamias open a small café selling espresso and a variety of sweet nutty treats.  There are no facilities in Whanarua Bay that you might see in a large town.  Enjoy being away from it all and give your mind, body and spirit a rest.


Is the beach close by?

The beach is a ten minute walk from ARUHE.


What other things are there for us to do?

Please click on this link  www.aruhe.nz/activities